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A rhythm lick is a sequence of chords and notes that are used to build the rhythm section of music, and many people think that rhythm guitar is simply the strumming of chords. But that's quite not true - there are many tricks and techniques available to the rhythm guitar player to play and create powerful, musical works. This must have expansion pack shows you the way regardless of the style of music you prefer to play. The exclusive "morphing" instructions will allow you to play all of these rhythm licks in any style you want. Features: --Exclusive Rhythm Guitar Licks and Riffs -500 rhythm guitar licks and riffs. -Designed to enhance your knowledge and playing style. -A variety of licks and riffs that are easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for intermediate to advanced players. --Infinite Looping -Allows you to keep your hands free. -You can start and stop playback at your command. -Play each lick at full or half speed. --Printable "Rhythm Licks Book on Demand" -91 pages packed with every rhythm guitar lick and instruction method in this package. -Print single pages, or the entire book, the choice is yours. -Allows you to practice away from your computer. -Reprint the pages whenever you want it never wears out like the pages in a traditional guitar book. -Works with all major operating systems including Mac, Unix and Windows. --Guitar Tablature and Standard Notation -Written in guitar tablature and standard musical notation. -Using guitar tabs / guitar tablature is the easiest way to learn guitar and play guitar music. -Multiple notation allows players of all levels to quickly learn each rhythm guitar lick and riff. -The ability to read sheet music is not required, but is available to those who prefer to learn by using standard musical notation. --Integrated Sound -Integrated sound for all of the rhythm guitar licks in this guitar instruction package. -Listen to each rhythm guitar lick before playing to enhance your learning process. -Available in Digital Audio Electric Guitar, Digital Audio Acoustic Guitar, or MIDI formats. -All digital audio licks are recorded at full and half speed. --Simplified Navigation -Easy to use software that allows you to browse through each rhythm guitar lick one by one. -Go directly to a rhythm guitar riff or lick you want to learn. -Navigation is easy with the simple click of your mouse. --Guitar Fretboard Map -Guitar fretboard map that contains all of the finger positions for all of the notes on the guitar neck. -Learn the string and fret location of every note on the guitar neck. -Accessible from every interactive rhythm lick screen for quick review. -Use this knowledge to master the art of transposing rhythm licks and playing the guitar in any key you want, or need to. --Guitar Tablature Reference Guide -Guitar tablature reference guide that shows you how to read and understand guitar tab / guitar tablature notation. -The reference guide is a simple click away from every interactive rhythm lick screen for easy access. --Morphing Instructions -Guitar lessons / guitar instruction on morphing rhythm guitar licks and riffs. -Create your own guitar rhythms and play guitar music your way. -Learn how to "morph" a lick to fit any musical playing style. --Develop your own unique sound. -Stand out from the rest of the crowd by developing and using your own unique guitar playing style. --Practice Tips -Learn to play guitar the right way and play guitar music correctly. -Avoid the frustration of making mistakes that you will need to "unlearn" in the future. -Get the most out of your practice time every time you play the guitar. --Beginning to Advanced Players -Beginning players will gain a solid foundation of establishing good practice habits, understand how to correctly read guitar tablature, and learn the essentials of playing rhythm guitar licks and riffs. -Beginning, intermediate and advanced players alike will gain insight into how to establish and develop their own playing style, and obtain a wealth of exclusive finger patterns to add to their growing vocabulary of rhythm guitar licks. Requirements: -Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/XP/2000/NT, Microsoft Internet Explorer v4.0 or above must be installed on your computer to run the interactive Windows software version, but does not have to be your primary web browser. A sound card and speakers are required to listen to the integrated sound. -Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF file reader must be installed on your computer system to view and print the Book on Demand. "Rhythm Guitar Licks and Riffs" - tricks and techniques available to the rhythm guitar and much more.

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